Student Registration

Students are to attend the Warrick County School serving their residential area unless a waiver has been granted from the Superintendent of Schools.

Helpful Information

When you go to a Warrick County school to register your child, please bring the following information:

  1. Proof of birth date
  2. Proof of immunizations
  3. Proof of address
  4. Proof of guardianship/custody, where appropriate

If your child is coming from a different school beyond the kindergarten level, please bring a copy of a recent report card from the previous school.

Kindergarten enrollment information can be found here.

Student Transfer

Requests by parents, guardians, or custodians of Indiana students who do not reside in the Warrick County School Corporation but wish to enroll their child in the school corporation will be considered with the following conditions.

View the Student Transfer Requirements

Student Immunization and Physical Examinations
Periodic physical examinations by a physician are in the best interest of each student and are recommended, but not required, by the Warrick County School Corporation. Physical examinations may be required before participation in some special school activities such as competitive athletics are required.

When a student enrolls in a school in the Warrick County School Corporation, the parent must show that he/she has been fully immunized.

Download the minimum immunization requirements

Immunization Exemptions
Children who are exempted from immunization requirements for medical, religious or other reasons must file the exemption in written form with the school corporation.  A physician must sign medical exemptions.  A parent or legal guardian must sign other exemptions.

Also, a statement of immunization history must be filed with the school corporation, even if the history is completely negative.

An immunization history may be documented by a physician’s certificate, including the number and dates of administered doses; by records forwarded from another school corporation, including the number and dates of administered doses; or by a record maintained by a parent, which shows the month and year each dose of vaccine was administered.

When a child enrolls in school for the first time or at any subsequent time or at any level, his parents must show that he/she has been immunized or that an exemption has been filed.       


For more information, call 897-6038.