About Warrick County School Corporation

Fast Facts

The Central Office consists of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Academics & Student Services, Director of Support Services, Director of Personnel, Manager of Energy Management, Manager of Maintenance, Manager of Custodial Services, Manager of Food & Nutrition, Manager of Transportation, Manager of Data Processing, Curriculum Supervisor and Title I Supervisor. Also, there are fourteen support staff employees who perform bookkeeping, payroll and secretarial tasks.

The Warrick County School Corporation is the twentieth largest corporation in the state. More significantly, we promote the concept that the corporation is essentially an "educational family" in the constant pursuit of educational excellence. We are constantly striving to improve the educational process and program structure of our curriculum; the level of student performance through the establishment of high expectations and standards; the number of students who stay in our schools and graduate; the improvement of test scores; the improvement of morale through the establishment of open lines of communication and participation in the decision making process.

Students in Warrick County are afforded opportunities which are generated by a sound "Basic Skills" curriculum, supported by a variety of courses which fulfill and satisfy the needs and interests of students, and enhanced by a diverse program of extra and co-curricular activities. And, of equal importance, is the care, concern and individual attention shown to all Warrick County students by a staff of professional and support services staff who are totally dedicated and committed to helping students become successful in their own unique ways.


The Administration Center is located at 300 East Gum Street in Boonville. Anyone wishing to know more about our school system is invited to call the Superintendent's Office at 897-6050.